Friday, 16 August 2013

Mid week round up

Apologies for late news, but this has been due to unforeseen circumstances.
Wednesday's birding was confined to Harrington Airfield where a single "cream crown" Marsh Harrier, again west of the main track, was seen, and the only other bird of note being a Turtle Dove,
On Thursday I managed to fit in quite a bit of birding.  First visit was Harrington Airfield where a "cream crown" Marsh Harrier was seen on and off between 07.00hrs and 08.00hrs, again favouring the are west of the main track. Two Crossbills flew over.
I decided to run around the big side at Pitsford Reservoir, something which I haven't done for a while. A quick scan around from the causeway before I set off produced an Osprey, Little Egret and Common Sandpiper.  The only birds I saw on my run round were two more Little Egret.  The water level is slowly dropping leaving a few muddy margins exposed.  A look from the feeding station produced a Common Sandpiper and a Goldeneye.
The afternoon was spent in the Blueberry/ Valley between Hanging Houghton and Cottesbrooke.  It was another one of those sunny and breezy afternoons, loved by myself and also by the raptors and corvids.  As I sat at the top of Blueberry Hill I easily counted double figures of Common Buzzards, a Red Kite, Hobby and a party of 5 Ravens came over, making all kinds of weird and wonderful noises. 
In the valley area were at least 6 Whinchat in their favourite corner of the field as well as a singing Grasshopper Warbler.
As I approached the car I noted a raptor flying parallel with me, it was a "cream crown" Marsh Harrier !!. As I watched it quartering the wheat fields I picked up another 2 raptors with it, another "cream crown" Marsh Harrier and a Red Kite.  They made such a stunning sight and I count myself very lucky to have witnessed this, I do wonder if these Marsh Harriers are the "Harrington" birds, as it wouldn't take them long to move around between these two sites.

Regards   Eleanor
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