Monday, 13 May 2013

Stormy weather


Well what a stormy lot!  High winds, strong wind but at least there is some sunshine.  But I don't feel sorry for the observers just the birds!  These conditions are probably OK for birds such as Blackbird, Song Thrush and Robin with plenty of worms, slugs and snails about.  Here's just hoping that these stormy conditions subside before the majority of the fledgling tits and warblers hatch.  Strong winds and rain effectively washes their food off leaves and away (caterpillars and similar).

Some scanning from the causeway at Pitsford Res today provided a Red Kite and a Dunlin.

Further singles of Red Kite were noted at Hanging Houghton and near Kelmarsh Hall and two wind-blown Whinchats were at the southern edge of Blueberry Farm early this evening.


Neil & Eleanor

Pitsford Res

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