Monday, 20 May 2013

Amazing migration


Some 24 birds were captured during a ringing session at Stortons GP yesterday morning and included a Garden Warbler and a Reed Warbler initially caught within minutes of each other at the same site back in 2011.  The considerable value of re-traps provides one of the interesting aspects of ringing and an opportunity of assessing site fidelity -  particularly amazing when its small bundles of feathers that have wintered in the African continent that then frequently return back to the same clump of scrub or reeds where first captured.  One of the many reasons why I find bird migration so amazing!

Today but it has been hard work finding anything.  A walk around Borough Hill CP (Daventry) located a singing Spotted Flycatcher but little else.  A Hobby hawking insects at Daventry CP was the best bird there and Ravensthorpe Res seemed even quieter!


Neil M
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