Monday, 29 April 2013

Cowslips and Commas


A pleasant day in the sunshine today providing there was shelter from the strong cool breeze.

After feeding the birds at Harrington first thing, it was off to the north east of the county for a wander around part of the Old Sulehay complex.  No birds out of the ordinary but a nice selection including the usual common warblers.  The second wave of wild flowers included carpets of Cowslips and more Primroses.

Scanning fields in the Oundle area failed to locate a migrant Dotterel, so on next to Thrapston GP where a circular walk around the Titchmarsh Reserve was called for.  Nine species of loudly-singing warblers drowned out most other birds, but a Nightingale sang from the other side of the river.  A Marsh Harrier flew over east at 1.30pm and at least 8 Hobby hawked insects alongside terns consisting of about 20 Common and a single Arctic.  Waders consisted only of 2 Oystercatcher and a Common Sandpiper.

The next venue was Stanwick GP which provided 2 Oystercatchers, 2-3 Little Ringed Plovers, a dozen Common Terns and 2 White Wagtails.  A quick stop at the Summer Leys reserve at Earls Barton GP gave an impression of little that was new.  Two drake Shelduck were arguing over the duck and the Black-headed Gulls were very noisy.  More obscure were on-territory Lapwing and Redshank.

The pair of Oystercatcher remain on the rafts at Pitsford Res.


Neil M

Early morning Fox
checking rabbit burrows
Old Sulehay

Titchmarsh Reserve

Titchmarsh Reserve

High-up Marsh Harrier
Titchmarsh Reserve.
Re-growing central pair
of tail feathers

Cowslip and Common Carder
Bumble Bee (Bombus pascuorum)
Titchmarsh Reserve.
My thanks to Nigel Lingley
for identifying the bee!

My companion for the day!

Titchmarsh Reserve

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