Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Creatures of the Spring gale!


An overcast and wind-blasted Harrington Airfield produced very few birds this morning, a pair of Grey Partridge and 2 Whitethroats being the only birds of note.

Efforts were made to retrieve and anchor a wayward tern raft at Pitsford Res early this afternoon and whilst we were at it we checked on the Cormorant colony which now numbers 36 active nests, the highest number in recent years.  A pair of Oystercatcher remain on territory on one of the rafts.

At 3.25pm this afternoon, a female Merlin flew south at Hanging Houghton.

A couple of hours hiking around the Blueberry Farm complex this afternoon was extremely quiet, the passerines in particular being silent and retiring in the very strong wind.  Still plenty of Common Buzzards on-site which seem to be attracted to the healthy and currently active Common Toad population.


Neil and Eleanor


Cormorant on nest

Noisy lambs in field
adjacent to Pitsford Res!

Great Crested Grebe

Wind-blasted Collie!
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