Thursday, 3 January 2013



Apart from 2-3 Bramblings at Harrington Airfield this afternoon, we have no birds to report for today.

However we are conscious that there is a large flock of Waxwings currently in the county at Burton Latimer and neighbouring Barton Seagrave with an estimated 120 birds reported this afternoon.  These birds are reported as being viewable from Polwell Lane in birches opposite a Morrisons supermarket, and sometimes close to the Weetabix factory.  Some of these birds have been reported for a couple of days, but today's total has been the most.

Although it has been very much a Waxwing winter nationally, locally it has been difficult to catch up with these nomadic flocks and we would strongly recommend that if you want to experience these fabulous birds from the north, Barton Seagrave and Burton Latimer should be visited quickly before they consume all the food and move on again!


Eleanor and Neil
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