Monday, 31 December 2012

Winter weight control!


John Woollett and team managed a ringing session at Stortons GP yesterday morning (Sunday 30th).  An interesting retrap was of a Water Rail that was first ringed on-site in February of this year.  On that occasion when the weather was cold and conditions harsh, this bird weighed 118 grams.  Yesterday this bird weighed 162 grams, an indication of the much milder and easier conditions and at a time when presumably this bird is able to feed avidly on earth worms and similar invertebrates.  Although we often think of small birds losing considerable weight and fat reserves during difficult periods, this is a reminder that it affects larger birds too.  

The Jackdaw with the distinctive 'neck braces' remains in and around the village at Hanging Houghton, and was seen again this morning.  The question as to whether it is a migrant 'Nordic Jackdaw' or simply a well-marked bird from a local population remains unanswered.  Two other birds in the same flock 'ghost' similar markings.

At least one Brambling remains attracted to garden feeders in the village at The Croft.  Again a couple of Ravens were in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton this morning.

A brief visit to Kelmarsh Hall this morning confirmed the presence of at least one Brambling, a Siskin and a Lesser Redpoll.      


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