Thursday, 25 October 2012

Brampton Valley


In a rather extreme way we decided to go for a run along the Brampton Valley Way this morning to try and shift the jet-lag!  Between Merry Tom Lane and Hanging Houghton we didn't meet a soul but there were plenty of birds in the hedging on both sides.  The more obvious were Goldcrest in good numbers and relatively small numbers of Redwing and Fieldfare.  A small covey of Grey Partridge encouraged us up the hill to HH and a couple of delightful Grey Wagtails were on show at the village sewer works.  Yesterday afternoon in the murk a flock of about 30 Wigeon were circling the village seemingly in a slightly confused state about which way they should be going, and Redwings could be heard going over during the evening despite the presumed reduced visibility due to mist and low cloud.  With a change in the weather seemingly imminent it will be interseting to see how this affects the visible and audible migration.

E & N
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