Saturday, 15 September 2012

Swallows and big birds!


John Woollett and team enjoyed a busy evening yesterday at Stortons GP.  Their intention was to catch the last few roosting Swallows only to find that some 500 birds materialised and they ended up catching and processing 159 birds!

This morning and although the weather was delightful the birds were very much the norm.  A single Wheatear was all Eleanor had to show for a stomp around Harrington Airfield.  The reserve section of Pitsford Reservoir seemed uneventful this morning until an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull somehow managed to trap itself in some wire mesh.  With the help of Nathan from Anglian Water we managed to release the bird which suffered a minor wing strain.  After a couple of hours recuperation she was sent on her way (images below).

A couple of Ravens were playing with half a dozen Common Buzzards over the garden late morning, but they were a touch distant by the time I was in place with the camera (mostly silhouttes against the light I'm afraid).


Neil M

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