Monday, 27 August 2012

Brampton Valley migrants and CES


This morning there were 2 Whinchats, a Wheatear and a Redstart in the Brampton Valley between Hanging Houghton and Cottesbrooke, all in hedging close to the southern outskirts of the Blueberry Farm complex.  There was also a Marsh Harrier between Blueberry Farm and Maidwell village.

Also this morning the last Constant Effort Scheme ringing session of the season took place in the Scaldwell Bay at Pitsford Res.  Only low numbers of birds were captured but it did include a Tawny Owl and a Kingfisher (please see images below).

Adult Tawny Owls regularly keep their eyes mostly closed when being handled so no images of those fabulous liquid black eyes I'm afraid.  Kingfishers generally horizontally swivel their heads from side to side in slow motion when being handled in an almost mechanical fashion, and many will simply remain motionless in the palm of your hand when placed on their back!  The owl is an adult, first ringed some years ago at Pitsford (please note the variation in colours of its flight feathers indicating their differing ages).  The Kingfisher is a juvenile.


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