Monday, 2 July 2012


Well we are still trying to establish how to make this blog site available to everyone as it has confounded us so far!  Anyway here goes again with a slight change in the name of the blog address in an effort to make it at least viewable!

In any event the birding scene locally has been a touch samey I'm afraid, and at risk of simply not being too repetitive, it's a case of the local breeding birds trying to get down to a bit of breeeding which this year is clearly being very challenging.  At Pitsford Res the pair of Oystercatchers still have their three chicks which are now growing nicely.  We managed to visit them on a boat on Friday just gone and ringed them which was a real treat.  The conscientious parents made their presence felt with that fantastic yelping yodle.  The terns unfortunately have started very poorly this year but many have relaid so hopefully will be able to salvage something from this very damp year.  Meadow Pipits are in good numbers at Blueberry Farm this year, which tends to be the case when it is damp.  The only other breeding birds nearby in this part of the county this year is a single pair at Pitsford Res by the dam.

A further CES ringing session at Pitsford a week ago confirmed the low numbers of fledged tits, but there was an increase in the number of fledged Robins and the first young warblers are about now.   Away from Pitsford and the Starlings seemed to have produced plenty of youngsters and the ideal conditions seem to have stimulated 2nd broods.  From the sheer numbers of Crane Flies about there are clearly plenty of leatherjackets in the top soil available for the probing Starlings.  Let us hope that other species are able to improve with their second broods too...


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