Sunday, 8 July 2012


A fair bit of time today spent meandering around the footpaths between Maidwell and the Brampton Valley up to Hanging Houghton, concentrating in particular on Blueberry Farm and the areas around Dale Farm.  Quite damp at times but mostly warm and I think most people were in watching Silverstone or Wimbledon!  Bird-wise it was pretty predictable with the best being Red Kite, Hobby, Barn Owl, Grasshopper Warbler (2-3 territories), Lesser Whitethroat (3 singing birds), Spotted Flycatcher (again 2-3 territories but no juveniles seen yet), Willow Tit, Grey Partridge and a just-fledged Meadow Pipit that could run but not capable of proper flight yet!  Clouds of Ringlet butterflies defied the conditions and there were good numbers of Small Heath and Meadow Browns, with smaller numbers of skippers and Cinnabar and Burnett moths.  Back to birds and this morning there was a single Siskin noted at both Hanging Houghton and Draughton with a pair of Spotted Flycatchers in Draughton village and at least another single and a Grey Wagtail at the Brampton Valley Way by Draughton Crossing. I'm no botanist but the last couple of days I have noticed Common Spotted Orchid at a couple of local sites including Blueberry and there have been small numbers of these and Bee Orchids in flower at Harrington Airfield.
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