Friday, 13 July 2012



Today we spent some time in the Daventry area, initially pitching up at Daventry Country Park.  The first year drake Common Scoter was present but viewing was difficult and my efforts at photographing a dark bird on dark water through grass stems and in light drizzle indicate why I haven't posted an image!  It was keeping close to the western shore, a short walking distance from the car park.  A Little Egret was present and a colony of Marbled White butterflies discovered in the meadow/orchard area (on the same bank but a little closer towards Daventry town centre).

We subsequently took a circular walk around nearby Borough Hill Country Park but as to be expected it was quiet for birds, the best being on-territory singing Meadow Pipit(s).  Plenty of Small Heath butterflies here and smaller numbers of Marbled White and Small Copper.  A scan over Ravensthorpe Reservoir on the way home failed to locate a noteworthy bird, with no sign of the summering Shelduck and Mandarin Duck.


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