Friday, 22 June 2012


Despite spending quite a bit of time in the Blueberry Farm/Hanging Houghton area during the last few days, the Quail have been stubbornly quiet and we've not heard a whisper of the 'wet-my-lips' call.  The weather has not been ideal but even so there have been periods of sunshine and dry periods when you would have thought they would have been calling.  In contrast a persistently singing Lesser Whitethroat in the middle of the Blueberry Farm complex seems to be desperate to find a mate and sings no matter the weather!  Down at Pitsford Res the three Oystercatcher chicks seem to be doing fine with their attentive parents continually providing worms and grubs for them and sheltering them from the rain and wind.  A Pied Wagtail nest was found today in the grounds of the yacht club, the nest located in an upturned canoe and sheltering five warm chicks!  I just hope that the resident Weasel doesn't find them as it also lives in the dormant yachts and boat 'furniture'.  TTFN

N & E
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